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WCNP is presently looking for volunteers to help in the following areas:

Production and recording – Would you like to assist WCNP with recording and production work at WCNP?  We are looking for a few dedicated volunteers to help in this area.  Fill our the application below for contact us.

Fund Raising – We are looking for an outgoing and energetic person to contact potential donors, organize fund-raising events, and manage a fund-raising committee.

Business Management – We could also use some help with budgeting, processing donations, paying bills, etc.

On Air Opportunities – We would love to include more local talent in our program schedule: Recording weather, news, announcements, special programs, interviews, etc.

If you are interested in volunteering your time, fill out this application.

Staff Volunteer Application



Our volunteer staff needs to be dependable, trustworthy, and punctual. Please provide us with references of those who could give us an honest assessment of your character.


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My Strengths & Interests

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Office Work
Fund Raising
Computer Tasks
On-Air Opportunities
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Business Management
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