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Walnut Hill Church Baraboo

Walnut Hill Church Baraboo

Walnut Hill Church Baraboo

About Walnut Hill Church Baraboo

At Walnut Hill, we hope you’ll find a refreshing mix of old and new. It’s a combination of deep roots and fresh fruits. We are proud of our rich tradition, dating back to 1847 (before Baraboo received its current name), when a small group of settlers gathered to form what became known as the First Baptist Church of Baraboo. Through many generations, pastors, church locations, and cultural challenges, one thing has never changed—our commitment to the historical doctrines and principles of biblical Christianity. Through times of feasting and times of famine, we have trusted God to sustain and grow His church. The Lord has always been faithful.

Our rootedness has also given us the confidence to explore the fruits of healthy change. From building projects and new ministries to staffing changes and additional worship services, the last 20 years at Walnut Hill have been marked by unprecedented change. With overwhelming unity, elements of contemporary worship have been added as a complement to our rich tradition of hymns. We even changed the name of the church!—from First Baptist to Walnut Hill Bible Church, still embracing our Baptist heritage but emphasizing more directly the foundation of our teaching and ministry—the Bible.

For those looking for a reference point for our tradition and beliefs, Walnut Hill could rightly be categorized as a non-denominational, evangelical church. By non-denominational, we acknowledge being baptistic at heart while remaining non-affiliated with any national denomination. Our accountability is direct to our local membership, and ultimately to our Lord, Jesus Christ—the word of God is our guide. Our pastors do share regular fellowship with area pastors, and we count ourselves privileged as a body to share very close friendships with many area churches.

And finally, Walnut Hill is undoubtedly evangelical in essence and mission. As such, we affirm two foundational distinctiveness of historic evangelicalism. First, we believe the call of the gospel involves a personal response to follow Jesus Christ as one’s Lord and Savior. No one becomes a Christian by being born in a Christian culture, attending a Christian church, or being raised in a Christian family. And second, because we hold that people must respond personally to the gospel, we believe God’s people must be about the mission of sharing the gospel. Evangelism and missions logically and lovingly mark the ministry of a truly evangelical church. So the mission of all our local ministries ultimately involves the call to embrace and follow Jesus Christ. And that call is designed by our Lord to carry far beyond the reach of our local ministries. Over 20% of our current budget goes toward missions support throughout the nation and around the world.

Well, feel free to browse our site to get additional information about who we are and what we are all about. That being said, know that the precious and organic life of the church cannot be expressed with due justice on a website. As the Lord allows, feel welcome to come and see what He is doing in and through His people “upon Walnut Hill.”

– Pastor Dan