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Revive Our Hearts

demoss1Women have been bombarded with conflicting and overwhelming messages about what it means to be a woman: Climb the corporate ladder. Lose weight. Take the kids to soccer practice and ballet and piano lessons and art classes. Grocery shop. Eat healthy. Dress sexy. Go to church. Dress modestly. Volunteer at the homeless shelter. Maintain hundreds of relationships on social networking sites. Keep the house spotless. Be a great wife. Buy more gadgets to make life easier. Love the kids. Have a daily quiet time. Get another degree. Oh, yeah, and enjoy life!

Is it any wonder that women are stressed out, depressed, angry, guilty, fearful . . . numb?

Welcome to the ministry of Revive Our Hearts with teacher and host Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

When asked what the most urgent need among women is today, Nancy says, “To know Christ—really know Him; to trust Him enough to obey Him; to love and enjoy Him . . . to ‘own’ the Gospel in its incredible, life-giving, transforming fullness and implications; to be willing to lay down our lives for the sake of Christ and the Gospel.”

Weekdays at 3:00 AM & 3:00 PM