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Now Hiring

Due to the retirement of our General Manager in the Spring of 2020, WCNP is seeking to hire a part-time Broadcast Engineer.

This decision, of course, is contingent upon a successful Vision 2020 campaign.

The ideal candidate will embrace the WCNP vision for “Classically Christian” programming and be chosen based on the following criteria:

Job description:

  • Calibrate, maintain, and troubleshoot the entire broadcast system. (Studio is in Reedsburg and tower is in Baraboo, WI.)
  • Fulfill Chief Operator Responsibilities as described in section 73.1870 of the FCC Rules.
  • Maintain weekly station logs for transmitter and the EAS system.
  • Be on call for emergency repairs.
  • Update equipment as needed.
  • Update the automation logs (SIMAIN) as directed by the Station Manager. (Note: this could be a separate position.)

Experience preferred:

  • Broadcast Engineering experience or knowledge in general broadcasting equivalent to the SBE Certified Radio Broadcast Engineer (CBRE). [read more]
  • Understanding of the FCC Rules Part 11 and Part 73. [read more]
  • Competency in using the SIMIAN automation system. [read manual]
  • The ability to apply the above requirements to the specific terms of WCNP’s authorization.
For more info, or to submit a resume, contact the transition committee