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Sun, May 26 from 12:30pm to 1:30pm
Five Solas Church
850 Clark St, Reedsburg, WI 53959

Israel — The word occurs over two-thousand times in holy scripture and I’m sure if you counted mention of the same word in our daily media, you would arrive at a similarly high number.

But what exactly is Israel? A people? A parcel of land? A modern nation-state? Or something more? Further, what is the relation of Israel to ancient prophecy and the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ?

The apostle Paul answers all of these question in his epistle to the Romans, chapters 9-11, and you are invited to join us Sundays at 12:30 pm as we study this important topic.

April 28 – Paul’s Kinsmen (Romans 9:1-3)

May 12 – Israel’s Privileges (Romans 9:4-5)

May 19 – Calling and Election (Romans 9:6-13)

May 26 – Replying Against God (Romans 9:14-21)

June 9 – What If God…? (Romans 9:22-33)

June 16 – Israel’s Great Need (Romans 10:1-13)

June 23 – Provoked to Jealousy (Romans 10:14-21)

June 30 – An Elect Remnant (Romans 11:1-12)

July 14 – The Olive Tree (Romans 11:13-24)

July 28 – All Israel Saved (Romans 11:25-32)

July 28 – Theological Conclusion (Romans 11:33-36)