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Board of Directors update

On June 16, 2020, Liberty and Freedom Inc., filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission in Washington, D.C., for consent to a transfer of control of the corporation’s board of directors. Liberty and Freedom Inc., is the licensee of noncommercial educational FM broadcast station WCNP, operating on a frequency of 89.5 MHz at Baraboo, Wisconsin. The parties to the application are Dennis Baldridge, Jane Baldridge, Todd Henreckson, Phyllis Steel and Greg Walters. A copy of the application is available for review and inspection at...

posted on: Jun 22, 2020 | author: Dennis

WCNP license renewal

On June 20, 2013 , WCNP was granted a license by the Federal Communications Commission to serve the public interest as a public trustee until December 01, 2020. Our license will expire on December 01, 2020. We must file an application for license renewal with the FCC on August 1st, 2020. When filed, a copy of this application will be available for public inspection at It contains information concerning the station’s performance over the last 8 years. Individuals who wish to advise the FCC of facts relating to our renewal application, and to whether this station has operated in the public interest, should file comments and petitions with the FCC by November 1, 2020. Further information concerning...

posted on: Jun 1, 2020 | author: Dennis

Recording and production volunteers wanted...

Have you ever thought you would like to work at a radio station?  WCNP is looking for a few dedicated volunteers to assist with recording and production of programming.   Some knowledge of using computers would be helpful but we are willing to train you to acquire the necessary skills. If this is something you are interested in, please visit our Volunteer page to express your...

Recording and production volunteers wanted
posted on: Feb 12, 2015 | author: Dennis

Business Benefactors

In an effort to help build strong communities and prosperous economies within our listening area, we would like to direct our listeners to businesses which share our vision. Your business website can appear on our Business Benefactor page for a one-time gift of $25. Donate...

Business Benefactors
posted on: May 20, 2014 | author: Dennis

Free Bumper Stickers

You never know who is driving behind you. Maybe they would benefit from our programing. Please contact us today for a free bumper sticker and you can invite countless people to tune in as you simply drive around town....

Free Bumper Stickers
posted on: Feb 15, 2014 | author: Dennis

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